Monday, November 21, 2005

World man versus machine Chess Championship

WebIndia123 reports that the second World man versus machine Chess Championship started in Bilbao, Spain on 20th Nov. 2005.

Three FIDE World Champions Kasimdzhanov, Ponomariov and Khalifman will face three chess software programmes - Fritz 9, Junior 9 and Hydra - in the four-day event. The tournament will have four rounds played in a Scheveningen system. Each man will play two games against the same machine, Ponomariov against Junior 9, Kasimdzhanov against Hydra and Khalifman against Fritz 9.

Update (24th Nov.): Susan Pogar is talking about how unfair it is for humans to play against these computers and Chessbase is covering these games with regular updates.
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Anonymous Jim Online said...

This is what Deep Blue did to the world of Chess. After string of matches against the great Gary Kasparov, Deep Blue has produced a lot of sons. I don't know how the champions will fare against these mean machines. Let's just see what happens before making our comments.

2:37 PM  

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