Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chess Chronicle

I came across a new semi-monthly e-zine Chess Chronicle that is delivered in Adobe Acrobat pdf file format and at around 40 pages, each issue is full of theoretical analysis, opening survey, chess novelties and well annotated games, instructive theories by Grandmasters and International Masters.

Do download and check out the sample issue on their site.
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Chess Games

I am enjoying playing Chess with some Chess bloggers. My ID is IndianGuru.

On RedHotPawn with:

(a) GuruChess from Barbados. She's an Aspiring Grandmaster and only in her teens (20 ?). She registered at RedHotPawn, just to play a game of Chess with me. Thanks GuruChess. Update (22nd Sept): I just won my game with her.
(b) Pawn Sensei from Hawaii, seems to be a seasoned Chess player at RedHotPawn.
(c) JavaManissa from Melbourne, Australia. He's just one year younger than my son!!

On with:

(a) DreadPirateJosh. Currently two games are underway and one I luckily won. He's from Richmond, Virginia, United States.
(b) ChessSmith. He's from Canada. ChessSmith, I helped set-up the Indian subsidiary of a Canadian company Netaps based in Edmonton, in 2001. I was lucky enough to win both my games against ChessSmith. Thanks to DreadPirateJosh and ChessSmith my rating here has shot up to 1917.

On ItsYourTurn with:

(a) DutchDefence. Currently two games are underway. He's Edwin Meyer from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

On E4EC with:

(a) Druss. Currently one game is underway. He's Martin Gill from UK.

Generalkaia is based in California, United States and in his teens too, had suggested GameKnot for a game of chess, but I am still unable to register there. Generalkaia. I would request you to register at RedHotPawn, for a game with me. Incidentally, I have been to California in 1999 and 2000 to places like Milpitas, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Fransisco, Los Angeles for business.

Hey, I seem to be the only oldie in the world of Chess bloggers!
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Annotated Chess Games

Hey, let's post the URLs of some free annotated chess games, here!
Here are some of mine -
Internet Chess Radio
CFC Annotated Chess Games
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chess Aptitude

I came across this interesting article that talks about Jonathan Levitt's talent test for chess aptitude. Place a white knight at b1 and a black queen at d4. The knight has to tour the board without ever being put en prise to the black queen or capturing it. It should visit squares in the order c1, e1, f1, h1, a2, c2, e2, g2, h2, a3 and so on to g8 (h8 is controlled by the queen).

The task may sound simple but is demanding on concentration, spatial aptitude, and willpower. Many people cannot even manage the first stage from b1 to c1, which takes nine steps. It is a timed test, so you will need a watch as well as a chessboard and the two pieces.

Levitt says that anyone who can do the full tour in less than 10 minutes at the first attempt has real aptitude. Michael Adams, a world title contender, took 5 1/2 minutes, other GMs up to seven.
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Friday, September 09, 2005

Wang Hao

I have being going thro' some interesting chess games of Wang Hao. He is good, an incredibly fast chess player and just 16. Wang who??
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ranking of the top 30 Chess Blogs

I was pleasantly surprised to see my Chess blog being ranked No. 3 by Susan Polgar in her blog post. Susan Polgar, as you all know, is the Winner of 4 Women's World Chess Championships and 10 Olympic Medals (5 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze). Currently ranked No. 1 in the United States and No. 2 in the world.
Update (9th Sept): DG has pointed out in a comment to Susan's post that, this list is available on Blogshares - Top 100 Chess Blogs. Also the post Measuring the Chess Blogosphere explains why it's important to measure readership in terms of unique visitors to a blog, rather than by what Blogshares measures - something derivative of the number of other blogs which link to you.
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