Sunday, May 01, 2005

Fritz 8

I use Fritz 8 for practicing, analyzing and storing my games ONCE THEY'RE DONE. Using a chess playing program while playing (for example, to tell you what move to make) is, in my opinion, cheating. For those interested, this link explains the various ways one can use this software to improve one's own game.
I have not used other software programs much. Have you? What is your opinion?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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I also use Fritz and CB Light to analyze and store my games (CBL is freeware available at ChessBase). CB Light can use a database of up to 8000 games so it's more than enough for my own games.

Some time ago I downloaded the TWIC -games from 1998-2005 (about 400K games) and I sometimes use this database to analyze GM games. I've also created an opening book to Fritz from these games (though I think that the original database and opening book were just as good).

At the moment I've concentrated to tactical training (notorious Ct-Art) but when going through my own games I also input the opening lines to Chess Position Trainer (freeware). It is an excellent tool to practice one's repertoire.

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