Saturday, April 30, 2005

Correspondence chess

Correspondence chess is chess played by some sort of long-distance correspondence, usually through a Correspondence Chess Server or e-mail or the postal system. Less usual methods which have been employed include fax and homing pigeon. It is opposed to so-called over-the-board (OTB) chess, where the players sit at a chessboard, at the same time.
I play chess regularly at ItsYourTurn. My UserId is IndianGuru. Since I started playing there, I have paid their membership fee and am now a full member. Somehow, I like their
user interface and prefer it over many similar sites. I especially like their Ladder matches. Ofcourse, two other sites I like to play at occasionally, are QueenAlice and SchemingMind.
Some sites suggested by other bloggers are:
Red Hot Pawn

Where do you play Correspondence chess and why?

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